Who benefits from physiotherapy?

Almost anyone with a problem causing pain or limiting movement will benefit from physiotherapy.

What conditions can be treated?

At Leeds Physio we specialise in treating musculoskeletal, neurological and paediatric conditions. Please see the conditions section of the website for more details.

What can I expect when I receive treatment?

We have no waiting lists you can be seen immediately.

How many treatments will I need?

Duration of treatment varies from patient to patient depending on the condition and what you want to achieve. Your physiotherapist will discuss your prognosis and likely duration of treatment following your initial assessment. Some long term conditions may require on-going lifelong treatment to maintain functional ability. Most musculoskeletal injuries can be expected to be resolved in 4-10 sessions.

Will I be expected to do anything in between treatments?

Your physiotherapist may provide you with home based exercise programmes to get the most out of your sessions it is important that you complete these as best you are able.

Is physiotherapy treatment appropriate for back and neck problems?

Yes this is an area physiotherapists are highly skilled at treating.

Should I stop my sports activity if I have suffered an injury?

Pain is a protective response your body has to stop further injury. Listen to your body if you are in a lot of pain it is advisable to stop. However your physiotherapist will be able to talk you through exactly what you can and can't do with your injury.


Is there a waiting list for treatment?

No we can normally see people within 24 hours however there is on occasion appointments available that same day.

When are we available for appointments?

0800-2000 Monday to Friday

0900-1600 Saturday and Sunday

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

No anyone can refer themselves however some insurance companies may need a doctors referral to authorise appointments.

Can I visit a clinic?

Yes our clinic is open 0800-2000 Monday to Friday and 0900-1600 Saturdays.

How long are appointments?


Assessment: 60 minutes

Treatment: 30 minutes

Neurological & Paediatrics

Assessment: 90 minutes

Treatment: 60 minutes

What should I wear?

Your physiotherapist will have to observe the injured or affected area of the body therefore it is advisable to bring shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt or 'strappy' top.

Should I bring medical notes and X-rays with me?

If you have access to these then yes please bring them along as this will help your physiotherapist make informed decisions about your treatment. However do not worry if you do not have these.

How do I know if a physiotherapist is fully qualified?

All of Leeds Physio's team are fully qualified specialist physiotherapists. They are members of the chartered society of physiotherapy and the health professions council which regulate their members. All members of the health professions council are fully qualified and this can be checked at http://www.hpcheck.org/.

I have Private Medical Insurance - am I covered with you?

We are aligned with all major insurers and if you provide us with your policy number we can organise everything else prior to your treatment.

If I have private medical insurance do I need to pay for treatment?

It depends on what your policy covers. Some are fully covered, some may need to pay an excess and others may be covered for a certain number of sessions.

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Our patients’ words can describe much more than our descriptions of expert therapy and our complete and unwavering dedication to maximising your rehab potential.

Iqbal, Leeds

"My physio explained what had happened, gave me a clear timetable for my recovery and gave me exercises designed to get me back to work as soon as possible."

Steve, Osmondthorpe

"My wife can now walk around the house with a stick, can use the stairs and is more able to do things herself. We feel it has been a great help as I don’t think I could have coped alone."

Sarah, Headingley

"I am a local case manager and Leeds Physiotherapy has provided my clients with exceptional care and service."