Neck pain

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint which can cause a great deal of discomfort and frustration. It can also be potentially very serious and therefore it is important to be checked out by an experienced physiotherapist to rule out any serious problems. Your physiotherapist will aim to reduce your pain levels, correct your posture and restore movement at the neck. Due to the complex nature of neck there are many causes of pain some of the more common types are listed below:

At Leeds Physiotherapy our team of skilled physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in treating people with neck pain. You can be assured that you will receive a thorough assessment which will uncover the cause of your neck pain. Your physiotherapist will then design an individual treatment package which aims to treat the symptoms and the cause of your pain.

Leeds Physiotherapy’s modern treatment rooms are stocked with the advanced equipment which means you can be assured you will have access to the best treatment option when your need them. Some of the main treatments for neck pain include manual therapy, exercise and acupuncture.

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Our patients’ words can describe much more than our descriptions of expert therapy and our complete and unwavering dedication to maximising your rehab potential.

Iqbal, Leeds

"My physio explained what had happened, gave me a clear timetable for my recovery and gave me exercises designed to get me back to work as soon as possible."

Steve, Osmondthorpe

"My wife can now walk around the house with a stick, can use the stairs and is more able to do things herself. We feel it has been a great help as I don’t think I could have coped alone."

Sarah, Headingley

"I am a local case manager and Leeds Physiotherapy has provided my clients with exceptional care and service."