Paediatric physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapy is for children and teenagers under the age of 18 who have conditions which affect their movement and breathing. At Leeds Physiotherapy our aim is to help overcome and manage these problems reducing their impact and allowing your child to reach their full potential.� Leeds Physiotherapy's team of specialist paediatric physiotherapists provide safe, effective, engaging and fun treatments which take into consideration your child's stage of development.

Leeds Physiotherapy's paediatric service works with children with neurological, musculoskeletal and respiratory problems. Our service is flexible to meet your needs and we can provide assessment and treatment in our clinics, at your home or at your child's school. We can also provide training for parents and carers to help improve your child's care and to extend treatment.

Assessment for paediatric conditions

Your child's physiotherapist will complete a thorough assessment. This will involve finding out information about the condition and how it affects your child's life. They will assess your child's functional ability and how they cope with tasks such as transfers, sitting balance, standing balance, gait and upper limb movement. They will also test for alterations in tone, strength and range of movement.

Diagnosis for paediatric conditions

From the findings of the assessment your physiotherapist will provide you and your child with a diagnosis. This will inform you exactly what the condition is, how it causes the symptoms, what we can provide as physiotherapists to help with the condition and what the expected outcomes of treatment will be.

Treatment for paediatric conditions

Treatment will be designed to have immediate effects such as pain relief, improved positioning and decreased tone. It will also aim to have long lasting effects which will aim to tackle the cause of the problem. As each child will present with different symptoms they will require treatments to be altered and adapted to their individual needs. Please see conditions and treatment sections for more details.

School visits for paediatric conditions

School visits allow your child to be assessed and treated in a familiar and comfortable environment. It also allows your physiotherapist an opportunity to observe problems which your child may encounter on a daily basis while at school. This enables specific task based treatments to be designed to help your child overcome physical barriers, advice to be provided to teachers and carers to ensure you child receives the best support possible, and to provide guidance on any adaptation or aids which could be provided to ensure your child has the best possible opportunities for inclusion.

Home visits for paediatric conditions

Leeds Physiotherapy's home visit service allows your child to be assessed and treated in your own home. This gives your physiotherapist the ability to observe any functional problems your child has in and around the home and provide effective treatment, adaptions, equipment and advice to help overcome these problems. Our friendly, empathetic and effective paediatric physiotherapists can provide our full services from you home.

Clinic visits for paediatric conditions

Clinic visits are also available for children. Our clinics have full accessibility and our large clinic rooms are fitted with the equipment required to provide your child with expert clinical care. Our centrally located clinic is open from 0800-2000 every week day at 0915-1600 on weekends so you can be sure to find an appointment time that suits you.

Hydrotherapy for paediatric conditions

Hydrotherapy is a popular treatment option for children. It provides an effective, stimulating and fun environment for treatment. Leeds Physiotherapy's paediatric physiotherapists are all trained in hydrotherapy and are able to provide a high level of service in this area. For more information please see the hydrotherapy section.

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Iqbal, Leeds

"My physio explained what had happened, gave me a clear timetable for my recovery and gave me exercises designed to get me back to work as soon as possible."

Steve, Osmondthorpe

"My wife can now walk around the house with a stick, can use the stairs and is more able to do things herself. We feel it has been a great help as I don’t think I could have coped alone."

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"I am a local case manager and Leeds Physiotherapy has provided my clients with exceptional care and service."