Jaw surgery

The head and jaw play vital functional roles during eating and drinking, and are also are very important in the way we look and are perceived by other people. Damage to either head or jaw can cause pain, discomfort and alter our appearance. Surgery is generally used to help fix damaged nerves, to reconstruct damaged features and to reduce pain from degenerative disorders.

Leeds Physiotherapy’s specialist team of musculoskeletal physiotherapist’s are available to help with your recovery following any head or jaw surgery. We offer specific exercise programmes designed to restore normal balance to the individual muscles which control the jaw, electrotherapy and acupuncture to help with pain and manual therapy and massage techniques to reduce tension and restore normal movement. Some of the more common types of head and jaw surgery we see at Leeds Physiotherapy include:

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Leeds Physiotherapy testimonials and reviews

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Our patients’ words can describe much more than our descriptions of expert therapy and our complete and unwavering dedication to maximising your rehab potential.

Iqbal, Leeds

"My physio explained what had happened, gave me a clear timetable for my recovery and gave me exercises designed to get me back to work as soon as possible."

Steve, Osmondthorpe

"My wife can now walk around the house with a stick, can use the stairs and is more able to do things herself. We feel it has been a great help as I don’t think I could have coped alone."

Sarah, Headingley

"I am a local case manager and Leeds Physiotherapy has provided my clients with exceptional care and service."